Enabling people to make smarter decisions about how they build and invest in buildings

For five years I was responsible for product and marketing design at WegoWise, the largest database of multifamily utilty data in the US. During that time I established and promoted a design-first company culture that emphasised validating early-stage designs through user testing.

A Dashboard to Optimize Utility Consumption

The challenge was to design a dashboard that would be the initial screen that all WegoWise users would see after logging in.

We needed to create something that would be useful to all customer types, that is configurable, and that is able to clearly display a high density of information. The information on display had to be both high-level summary data and also detailed data, specific to individual properties.

Solving an Information Architecture Puzzle

The dashboard at WegoWise had become a dumping ground for links to miscellaneous pages as the site continued to grow and the result was an unwieldy, long navigation menu with lots of unrelated links sitting side-by-side.

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Helping Financial Institutions Go Green

I led the design and front-end development of a web application that would enable financial institutions to assess the eligibility of real estate properties for green loans.

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